Transgender stories: People think we wake up and decide to be trans

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Transgender stories – From a youngster whose mum joins him at Pride parades, to a 70-year-old who was ravaged 5 times for being trans, five individuals tell of their experiences,

Trans Firenze

Nikki Hayden, 26, science student, London

till i used to be regarding four or five I didn’t recognize i used to ben’t a girl, to be honest with you. one in every of my earliest memories, about five years old,

was being shouted at by an educator for about to the rest room with the girls. regarding constant age I accomplished I was totally different to those alternative boys.

At the age of 9 I refused to own my hair cut. I didn’t have it cut till i used to be 16, as a result of having it cut was such a torment to me.

faculty was extraordinarily difficult. I got intimidated a lot. i used to be picked on for being too thin, for being feminine, for not feeling football,

for hanging spherical with girls, for having long hair. They mocked everything they might think about in terms of gender and sexuality.

I learned what trans meant through YouTube. I knew however I felt however I didn’t recognize there was a term for it.

i used to be essentially simply making an attempt to Google what I felt. A bulb went off in my head and that i thought, this explains all the problems I’ve had as long as I will remember.

I ne’er very told my family. They know, but I just started transitioning. I never said: “Oh, by the approach …”

My mum asked Maine if i used to be transgender after I was around nineteen when I’d already transitioned. She said: “Well, are you?” And I was like: “Are you blind?”

On a daily basis I don’t tell individuals I’m transgender. The factor regarding trans people is, we tend to feel terribly traditional.

It’s the approach we are, it’s only if people say you’re not normal {that you|that you simply|that you simply} feel that way.

I’ve perpetually been extraordinarily feminine, I always felt that way. I can’t say that I ever felt sort of a boy,

I just had to measure as a boy for the primary sixteen years of my life.

Trans people are the same as everybody else, our ideals in life are to be happy, to be respected, to be comfortable.

I’ve had those that have overtly aforesaid to Maine that they’ve had prejudices around trans people however as presently as they’ve met me they’ve understood a lot of –

it’s who i’m and also the approach that i used to be born. There’s no real distinction between myself and other people who are cisgender [non-transgender].

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