covid-19 – 7 days homestay for those coming to Tamil from Kerala

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7 days compulsory homestay for those coming to Tamil Nadu from Kerala and Maharashtra

the covid-19 – The province of government has been more proclaimed that who is coming back from Tamil Nadu to sauth Kerala and also from Maharashtra can have to be more compelled

7 days. It has been long virtually a year since numerous measures were taken to curb the spread of corona across the whole country

and also the spread has returned in check in several states. Normalcy is additionally returning.

Covid-19 home stay

However, corona infestation has been more on the increasing in sauth of india in Kerala, and Maharashtra, and also in Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh,

Punjab, and Jammu and Kashmir for the more and more past few days.

The impact is especially high in Kerala and Maharashtra.
74 % of these receiving best treatment in sauth of Kerala and also in Maharashtra. and Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh,

Punjab, Jammu, and Kashmir, the incidence of Govt.
For the last four weeks in Kerala, the weekly average

Govt impact was at an occasional of 34,800 to a high of 42,000.

The weekly impact in geographic areas has hyperbolic from 18,200 to 21,300.


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